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Magie, Extravaganță și Tradiție!

Venice (also known as “La Serenissima”) is a spectacular city that is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.
I’ve fallen in love with the narrow streets, the palaces, which still look monumental, the canals on which gondolas row up and down gently, the mysterious atmosphere that accompanies you wherever you go.
Now think of the charm of this city combined with the impressive Carnival that takes place there once a year and you shall understand why thousands of tourists swarm the city to enjoy the cheerful atmosphere, to participate in the festivities and to take photos of the incredible handcrafted masks.
To a photographer, the Carnival offers countless monuments, characters and costumes that are worth capturing. Whenever I had the chance to be in Venice during the Carnival, I tried to capture at least a fragment of the charm and mystery of this fairy-tale city.

Presentation made by Carmen Sîrboiu, photographer

On the occasion of this event, Digital Gift has prepared several decorative objects for your personal space.
Memorable images are transposed into canvases and wall calendars.

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