About Us


DigitalGIFT is an online shop that provides clients with a wide range of high quality products, from clothing items, to decorations for home, office and cars.

The specialized equipment for digital printing, offset printing, the large-format printers, enable us to do the printing, while the outline cutting equipment enable us to perform specific cutting procedures for:
Classic T-shirts for Men, Women and Kids
Unisex Sports T-shirts
Unisex Shorts
Sweatshirts with our without zipper for Men and Women
Unisex 5P Caps
Classic Bags – Small Bags and Shopping Bags – Large Bags
Ceramic Mugs
Paintings – Classic (special cardboard), Canvas (cotton cloth) and Rigid Support (wood, Plexiglas, PVC, glass)
Classic Stickers for decorating walls, windows and cars
Prints: posters, wall and desk calendars
Wall Art self-adhesive PVC wallpaper and non-adhesive wallpaper

In order to provide help with the application/installation of some of the products, we have created a special section on our website, where we also provide you with Accessories!

Since 2005 we have been providing our customers with high quality services and products, using eco-friendly technologies. These criteria have helped us in constantly increasing our customer portfolio. Being loyal to said criteria, in 2013 the company has implemented 2 ISO standards, i.e. ISO:9001 Quality Management and ISO:14001 Environmental Management System. Moreover, in order to maintain the high quality standards, in 2014 and afterwards, in 2017, we bought state-of-the-art equipment for the entire production and finishing process, as well as top of the range software for graphics and design. We deliver high quality final products that meet the clients’ requirements, with efficiency, timeliness and creativity. Our main goal is to provide personality to the customers’ products and to create strong bonds between said products and the users thereof. We are focused on performance and results. Only when our clients are fully satisfied do we consider that we have fulfilled our mission.

Our designers cover all the segments, such as editing and vector graphics (using specialized licensed software such as CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator), photo editing and non-vector graphics (Adobe Photoshop), DTP (Adobe InDesign).

We cover a wide range of services, such as:
Large-format printing services
▪ Indoor/outdoor large-format prints
We provide indoor/outdoor large-format prints using state-of-the-art Japanese equipment, with ecological ink on frontlit banner (the common material used for banners), backlit banner (for large lighting boxes or billboards/citylights), blockout banner (two-sided banner), mesh, blueback paper, whiteback paper, poster paper, self-adhesive material, window graphics, as well a full range of prints for decorations: printable wallpaper, canvas for paintings and decorations, polypropylene, wall art material, photo paper.
▪ Labels – print and outline cut
We provide the entire range of printed and outline cut labels, in any size, from a few millimetres to large-format prints for cars or walls, with up to 1440 dpi resolution prints for very small characters or fine details such as bar codes. The labels can be printed on the entire range of self-adhesive materials (sealing sheet, opaque self-adhesive material and stencil sheet) and heat transfer materials (colorprint, polyflex, etc.) and can be laminated or not, depending on the client’s requirements.
▪ Fabric printing: flags, fabric banners, specialized equipment.
We can print fabric using the sublimation transfer method. Basically, using this method, we can customise any material consisting of a minimum of 70% polyester. Thus, we can make flags of any shape and size, both for indoors (finished with fringes, tassels, logos or embroidered emblems) and outdoors (with specific finishes such as reinforcements, carabiners, snaps, straps, etc.), fabric banners and materials for interior decoration, work uniforms, vests, shorts, as well as sports equipment, using cutting-edge materials with perforations that enable proper ventilation.
Digital and offset printing services
▪ Digital Printing 
We provide the entire range of digital prints on paper between 80 and 300 gr/m2, at a maximum size of 480x330 mm. Our finishing equipment enable us to make: business cards, fliers, leaflets, posters, stapled or bounded catalogues, wall and desk calendars, notepads, etc.
▪ Offset printing 
We provide the entire range of typographical works, such as printing and finishing presentation materials, promotional materials and any type of customised prints for the client: calendars, notebooks, notepads, books, albums, etc.

We provide interior/outdoor decorations, such as:
▪ Canvas/foam paintings
We provide a large variety of paintings on various materials: paper, cardboard, canvas, polyester, cotton canvas, foam board, PVC foam, Plexiglass, acrylic. Said paintings can be displayed in classic settings (art work on cotton canvas) or modern settings (prints on acrylic/Plexiglass with attaching supports made out of brushed aluminium). We can create very large paintings, e.g. 3x2 m on PVC foam support or 7x1.5 m for canvas on wooden frames or combined paintings (a single image divided into several paintings of equal or different sizes for special visual effects)
▪ Custom Wallpaper (printed)
We can print various types of wallpaper (various textures and thicknesses) with customised graphics for children/teenager rooms, offices, hotels, restaurants and themed bars/pubs. We can create customised designs for you, with the help of our designers.
▪ WallArt decorations
A highly versatile and cost efficient method of interior decorating whose main advantage is that it can be changed extremely fast, without leaving traces on your walls or widows.
▪ Custom fabrics
Due to the new sublimation technologies, printed fabrics are being used more and more in various fields, one of which being interior design. The vivid colours, the specific light weight and the high level of flexibility and endurance make these materials ideal for decorating apartments, display windows and shops.
▪ Application of self-adhesive materials on cars/display windows/various surfaces
We provide you with teams for the application of self-adhesive materials on vehicles (for motorcycles, cars, vans, buses, coaches, trucks, trailers, helicopters, utility aircrafts and recreational light aircrafts), display windows or various surfaces in offices, shops, hotels or bars/restaurants.

We offer you the possibility of customising products that are similar to the ones on our website, based on your preferences and needs, for personal use, as well as for the company that you represent. In what concerns the customisation, you can come up with your own design or you can request the help of our designers, following a prior discussion.