Wall Clock - Abstract Painting Series DS-01

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Author: Dumitru Șchiopu - Painter
Dumitru Șchiopu is an artist who has established himself, in time, through the unity of his creative approach, his seriousness and his depth. By passing through several stages in his activity, he has re-evaluated his creation multiple times. Currently he is presenting us with a final approach, which is based on a rigorous simplification of the visual field. The fascination for geometry, lines and right angles manifests itself in a personal manner in Șchiopu’s paintings. It does not represent a purpose, but rather a manner of integrating into a coherent system the nature’s versatility, which is reduced to an artistic expression of defined relationships. – Veronica Bodea Tatulea
Category: Clocks
Label: Wall Clock

Description: The Wall Clock has a mechanism that operates smoothly with decorative clock hands. The clock is mounted on the support of PVC or wood printed with UV technology.
Specifications: The wall clock works with AA batteries. The product is supplied without a battery!
Exterior diameter: 210 mm | Mechanism sizes: Axis – 18 mm / Movement area of the clock hand indicating the hour: 60 mm / Movement area of the clock hand indicating the minute: 85 mm / Movement area of the clock hand indicating the seconds: 90 mm
The clock mechanism can be perceived as having an indicative role.
We reserve the right to modify or change the design of the mechanism, depending on our current stock or availability in the supplier's stock, without any further obligation.
Note: The design of this article is subject to copyright and has been used with the author's agreement.

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  • Model: Ceas de Perete - Abstract Painting Series DS-01
  • Manufacturer: Dumitru Șchiopu