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Informations (FAQ)

How do I make an order?
 ▪ Step 1
Select the category of products from the Main Menu or from the categories of Recommendations, New Products or Best Selling Products on the Home Page. You can view all the products in the category or you can browse through the subcategories (where appropriate). Another method of searching for a specific item is to use the Search field, by introducing the Key Words. You can choose your favourite design by browsing through the Themes or by using the Tags associated with each article. You can sort the articles by the date of occurrence in the shop, by name, by price or by rating.
▪ Step 2
You decide what article/item want to buy from the ones proposed.
Choose the colour, size, quantity and type of support material (where appropriate). We have facilitated your choice by providing the possibility of viewing the item and design (and where appropriate, the colour of the support material).
Provided that you are in doubt with regard to the Size or Colour, you can consult the Size Chart and the Colour Index (T-shirts, Shorts, Sweatshirts, Caps, and Bags) and the Texture Index, please view the images with Types of Textures (Wallpaper) that are available in the item’s description.
▪ Step 3
Add the item in the shopping cart. Afterwards, you can continue shopping. Now your order is ready. In order to place the order you must be logged in (provided that you do not have an account, you can create one). You also have the possibility to check the order prior to finalisation or to delete it, in case you change your mind. Once you have added all the selected products in your shopping cart, you can validate the order.
▪ Step 4
Within 48 business hours you will receive an email confirming the registration of your order. Once the ordered product is ready, you will receive a new email informing you that the order will soon be sent to the address provided by you.
▪ Reminder Note
The article will be kept in the shopping cart until the current session is closed. Provided that you wish to view the ordered products afterwards, please access the Order History section. We do not guarantee that you will be able to purchase the products in the List of Favourite Items at a later time, since we might run out of stock.

Customise items with your own ideas!
You want an item with a unique design for yourself, for your store or for your business? Or maybe you want to provide special promotional items at an event or to a client? Or maybe you just want a customised item and you were unable to find something that you like in our selection of products?
We can create your own customised article, as you have imagined it, at the highest standards of quality and at reasonable prices!
▪ What can I print?
Since we use various printing methods of printing, we can print anything! From texts and logos to all sorts of graphics, illustrations and even photos. Provided that you want to customise your product and you have some idea of what you want, you only need to find a picture (graphics) that we can use for printing. Try to find and send us high resolution images in order to enjoy a high quality print. For text prints you only need to choose the font that you like and send it to us. Provided that you are unable to find a design that you like or the one that you have found is not exactly to your liking, our designers can help you create/process the images, starting from your idea.
How do I order a customised item?
The orders for small quantities (1-10 items) can be ordered directly on the website by filling in the Customisation Form for each item or you can choose it from the Customisation section of the product: (Click Here!). All you have to do is to fill in the characteristics in the Customisation Form, upload your graphics and provide us details on how you want it to be printed. For any additional details or questions send us an email at, or contact us by telephone.
The graphics that you want to print needs to be uploaded. Only tif, jpg, psd, pdf, ai, eps, cdr files are allowed. Important! Provided that the customisation includes multiple graphical elements, we recommend that you archive the files into one zip or rar. It is very important for the pictures to have high resolution. Provided that you want to print only text, there is no need for a picture; you can simply send us the font at
In addition to the graphics, you can send us an explanatory picture, showing the manner in which you want us to print the item. This image is optional. You can also describe in writing the manner in which you want the graphics to be positioned or any other details that you consider to be important, by filling in the section Your Comments. Please try to provide an accurate description. Don’t forget to fill in your correct contact details.
The time of finalisation varies depending on the number of items ordered, but generally we are able to finalise an order in 2-3 days. Note that we do not work during weekends. As such, any orders that are sent on Saturdays, Sundays or official holidays will be processed on the first subsequent business day! Since the duration of execution varies, please order the items in a timely manner! Do not place the order at the last minute!
The orders for average and large quantities (more than 11 items) will be placed by direct contact or by telephone with one of our representatives or by email at
Send your request, we will analyse it and we will send you an offer with the appropriate price for the number of items you want, and even a potential discount. Provided that it is necessary, our team will create a simulation for you to see. Provided that said simulation meets your requirements, we will print it on the item and send it to you. For large orders (over 50 items) we can create samples, prior to printing all the items. The duration of execution varies based on the quantity; it can take 1 day or up to 1-2 weeks (for very large orders). A payment of a minimum 50% of the value of the work will be made in advance, based on a pro-forma invoice.

Graphic design/graphics retouching (optional)
Provided that you do not have the graphics (the design for print), one of our designers and artists can help you create them. Said service is charged depending on the workload. You can request additional information when you contact us. The average duration of execution is of 1-2 days depending on the complexity thereof and on the number of orders we have at that moment.

For us, your opinion is important!
Since we want all our clients to be satisfied and to improve our services, your feedback is important to us. Once you have received your customised items, please send us your feedback including your opinion on the visual quality of the item and the quality of the print thereof. Thanks for choosing our online shop and please, do not hesitate to come back!

Methods of printing on fabric
Based on your requirements, we will opt for one of the following methods:
▪ DTG Digital Printing
Digital printing, also known as DTG printing (direct to garment) or printing “directly on fabrics” represents a method of printing fabric, which uses a printer with a specialised inkjet technology.

Said method is relatively new and it uses special industrial printers that use special inks applied directly on the fabric, which are being absorbed by the fibres of the material.
The resolution and speed of said printers has grown significantly in the last 5 years; the prints being truly impressive.
Moreover, the pre-treatment executed with special machines and the thermal fixation applied after printing, have significantly increased the resistance of the prints, which are becoming more similar to serigraphy in what concerns the resistance thereof.
Maintenance instructions
Due to the development of technology, DTG prints have become more resistant in time, provided that they are properly washed.

Washing should be done manually or at low rotation speed, in order to avoid the excessive friction of the printed fabric. The items should be turned inside out before washing.
The water temperature should be kept as low as possible, at a maximum of 30 degrees.
We recommend using small quantities of washing powder. Using bleach is strictly forbidden.
Natural drying is recommended. The items should be dried inside out (this rule applies to any coloured fabric, since the rays of sun tend to discolour the material).
Provided that you comply with the advice provided, your items will endure for a long time. It is normal that during the first wash, the colour of both the white items and particularly the darker ones will fade a little. However, the fading is almost unnoticeable. We take this fact into consideration and this is why the colours that we print are more vivid.
▪  Serigraphy printing
Serigraphy represents a printing procedure used on any fabric surface (T-shirts, trousers, shorts, sweatshirts, caps, bags, etc.) that involves applying a layer of ink on the fabric, using a very fine sieve (up to 150 points/eyelets per cm2). In the areas that require printing, the mesh has open eyelets, whereas in the areas that do not require printing, the eyelets are clogged using a special substance. The ink is forced through the open eyelets into the fabric, by using a special scraper. Basically, you can think of serigraphy as printing using a stencil.

Although this is an old printing technique (we discovered fabrics that have been printed over 4000 years ago), serigraphy is still a very popular procedure printing fabrics, due to the quality thereof, but mostly due to the endurance thereof.
The printing technology used by us involves many other operations, ranging from the preparation of the sieve, of the inks and of the support, up to adjusting the drying temperature (in what concerns fabrics).
For large orders we use an automatic machine (silk-screen unit) that applies the ink through the mesh.
We use a wide variety of inks to meet your requirements. The most common are: the plastisol, which creates a print with a rubber aspect, but with very vivid colours, and water-based inks, which are smoother to touch and have pastel colours.
Maintenance instructions
By far, serigraph prints are more resistant in time, in what concerns washing. Washing can be done manually or automatically at low or average rotations, in order to avoid the excessive stretching of the printed fabric. It is recommended to turn the fabric inside out prior to washing.

The water temperature must be average to high, but it should not exceed 60 degrees. The prints made using the plastisol can withstand even higher temperatures.
It is recommended to use small quantities of washing powder. It is not recommended to use bleach. Certain inks may react to bleach, which can lead to the occurrence of small cracks in the print.
It is recommended to use natural drying and to turn the items inside out, in order for the print not to crack (this rule applies to any coloured fabric, since the rays of sun tend to discolour the material).
Provided that you use an automatic dryer, do not use high rotation speeds, in order to avoid stretching the item.
In what concerns the items printed with the plastisol (ink that generated a rubber aspect) it is forbidden to iron them directly. Provided that it is absolutely necessary to iron said items, please turn them inside out.
Provided that all of these tips are complied with, your articles will last for years and the print will look the same as it did on the first day.