Methods, Costs and Duration of Delivery

Terms and conditions of transport and delivery
The products ordered will be delivered by FAN Courier at the address provided upon finalisation of the order. Provided that you are living in Brasov City or you are just passing through, you can pick up the ordered products directly from our registered office, without paying any transport fee.

Transport costs
The transport fee is of 25 RON, regardless of the number of products or the city in Romania where the package will be sent. Obviously, the transport cost is zero, provided that you choose to pick up the products in person, from our registered office.

Duration of delivery
After you have finalised the order, you will receive a confirmation email (or potentially, a telephone call, provided that there are aspects that require clarification). The orders will be processed and sent within a maximum of 5-7 business days. Nevertheless, during various holidays throughout the year, some orders might be processed with a small delay, in which case we will contact you by telephone in order to inform you of the exact date of delivery.

In what concerns the deliveries by courier, you will be visited a FAN Courier agent. Provided that said agent is unable to find you at the address provided, he/she will contact you by telephone to set a more convenient delivery date. Based on the Transport Note received in the email confirming the shipment of your order, you can obtain information regarding the delivery from FAN Courier (FAN Courier tel. 021-9336, normal price, without any additional costs).

Provided that you choose to pick up the order from our registered office, you will be notified by SMS when the order is ready to be collected.

ATTENTION! In what concerns the orders that include customised designs, the duration of delivery might be exceeded with up to 48 hours, depending on the additional time required for processing the designs received.

Provided that you consider that the duration of delivery is longer than it should be, please contact us!