Accessories - Glutolin BW Adhesive

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Glutolin BW Adhesive
Description: This product is ready to use (does not require the addition of water) and it has been created specifically for the application of thick wallpaper on various surfaces, even on non-absorbent surfaces such as: wood, glass, metal, furniture, etc. It can be used as a simple adhesive or as a hardener in combination with the universal glue for thick wallpapers.
• Glutolin Adhesive 5 kg - for 20 m2
• Glutolin Adhesive 0,75 kg - for 3 m2
Specific consumption:
approximately - 250 g/m2

Application instructions:
The surface on which the wallpaper is applied must be dry and clean. Prior to application, unpack all the sheets and place them in order, in order to make sure that the image is complete.
Important! It is very important for the first strip of wallpaper to be properly applied, since the rest of the wallpaper depends on it.
For an application that is near to perfection, we recommend that you take into account the following:
The wall must be even, finished and cleaned of any dust. You are required to apply wall primer. The wall primer must be completely dry upon application of the wallpaper.
The adhesive must not contain water (i.e. not powder dissolved in water), to be ready to use for thick wallpaper.
Upon application, the wallpaper must have an overlap of 1 cm, half of which is subsequently cut off and the surplus is removed, thus obtaining a perfect joining.
The wallpaper is washable, i.e. it can be cleaned using a wet cloth, but without using any cleaning powder and it is very important for the cloth not to contain any dust particles that could graze the wallpaper.
  • Model: Accesorii - Adeziv Glutolin BW
  • Manufacturer: Digital·GIFT