The Customisation section is dedicated to the customisation of your favourite item in the shop with your own design, with one of our graphics in the design section or with the help of our designers. We are able to create your customised item as you have imagined it, at the highest standards of quality and at reasonable prices!
Since we use various printing methods of printing, we can print anything! From texts and logos to all sorts of graphics, illustrations and even photos. Provided that you want to customise your product and you have some idea of what you want, you only need to find a picture (graphics) that we can use for printing. Try to find and send us high resolution images in order to enjoy a high quality print.
It would be best if your design could meet the following technical conditions: to be in a vector format  (ai, eps, cdr) or non-vector (psd, tif, jpg, pdf); with a resolution of 200-300 dpi; the minimum size must be 20x20 cm / 2362x2362 px and to meet the visual quality standards. Important! Provided that the customisation includes multiple graphical elements, we recommend that you archive the files into one zip or rar!
For text prints you only need to choose the font that you like and send it to us at

Provided that you are unable to find a design that you like or the one that you have found is not exactly to your liking, our designers can help you create/process the images, starting from your idea.
Provided that you wish to use the design of a product on a different product, you can select it from the Design section (Click Here!) or by accessing the Designers’ Portfolio section (Click Here!).
The orders for small quantities (1-10 items) can be ordered directly on the website by filling in the Customisation Form for each item or you can choose it from the Customisation section (based on the category of the product)! All you have to do is to fill in the characteristics in the Customisation Form, upload your graphics and provide us details on how you want it to be printed. For any additional details or questions send us an email at, or contact us by telephone.
The graphics that you want to print needs to be uploaded. Only tif, jpg, psd, pdf, ai, eps, cdr files are allowed. It is very important for the pictures to have high resolution. Provided that you want to print only text, there is no need for a picture; you can simply send us the font at
In addition to the graphics, you can send us an explanatory picture, showing the manner in which you want us to print the item. This image is optional. You can also describe in writing the manner in which you want the graphics to be positioned or any other details that you consider to be important, by filling in the section Your Comment. Please try to provide an accurate description. Don’t forget to fill in your correct contact details.
The time of finalisation varies depending on the number of items ordered, but generally we are able to finalise an order in 2-3 days. Note that we do not work during weekends. Thus, any orders that are sent on Saturdays, Sundays or official holidays will be processed on the first subsequent business day! Since the duration of execution varies, please order the items in a timely manner! Do not place the order at the last minute!
The orders for average and large quantities (more than 11 items) will be placed by direct contact or by telephone with one of our representatives or by email at Send your request, we will analyse it and we will send you an offer with the appropriate price for the number of items you want, and even a potential discount. We will help you process and finalise your order. Provided that it is necessary, our team will create a simulation for you to see. Provided that said simulation meets your requirements, we will print it on the item and send it to you. For large orders (over 50 items) we can create samples, prior to printing all the items. The duration of execution varies based on the quantity; it can take 1 day or up to 1-2 weeks (for very large orders). A payment of a minimum 50% of the value of the work will be made in advance, based on a pro-forma invoice.
For any additional information you can contact us by means of the Contact Form, by email at or by telephone at 0729 694 580.
Graphic design/graphical retouching
Provided that you do not have the graphics (the design for print), one of our designers and artists can help you create them. Said service is charged depending on the workload. You can request additional information when you contact us. The average duration of execution is of 1-2 days depending on the complexity thereof and on the number of orders we have at that moment.

Please provide us your ideas!