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Simple Painting on Canvas - Giovanni Bellini - Madonna and Child

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Author: Giovanni Bellini (Italian, Venice, active by 1459–died 1516 Venice)
Date: late 1480s
Medium: Oil on wood
Few artists changed as radically as Bellini. This beautiful picture was painted in the late 1480s and in its rounded forms, diffuse lighting, employment of a viscous oil medium, and innovative, asymmetrical composition it looks ahead to the work of Giorgione and Titian, who Bellini taught. The cloth of honor is pulled aside to reveal a distant landscape. The transition from a dormant to a verdant nature and a dawn sky is a metaphor for death and rebirth. It was this sort of work that so impressed Albrecht Dürer when he visited Venice, declaring that Bellini was the best painter. – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Category: Paintings
Simple Painting on Canvas - Square
The Simple Paintings on Canvas involve printing on canvas, which is similar to painting on 100% cotton. The printing is executed at a high resolution of 1440 dpi with eco solvent ink, which is resistant to water and UV radiation. The canvas is stretched on a fir wooden frame with a special profiled.
 1.8 cm
Print Dimensions
 50×57 cm
Format: Portrait
Note: The design of this article was used as a result of the facility offered by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This article is a reproduction.

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  • Model: Tablou Canvas Simplu - Giovanni Bellini - Madonna and Child
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