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Combined Painting on Rigid Support - Tiger Shark

220.00 RON

Category: Paintings
Label: Combined Painting on Rigid Support
Description: The Combined Paintings on Rigid Support consisting of a PVC board with two sides, with extruded polystyrene core, on which a self-adhesive sheet is applied. The print has a high resolution of 1440 dpi and is laminated using a matte, anti-reflective and anti-UV foil.
Thickness: 10 mm
Overall size Print (The dimensions of the parts):
• 120x60 cm (30x60 cm / 30x60 cm / 30x60 cm / 30x60 cm)
160x80 cm (40x80 cm / 40x80 cm / 40x80 cm / 40x80 cm)
200x100 cm (50x100 cm / 50x100 cm / 50x100 cm / 50x100 cm)
240x120 cm (60x120 cm / 60x120 cm / 60x120 cm / 60x120 cm)
Number of parts: 4
The format of a part: Rectangle

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  • Model: Tablou Pe Suport Rigid Compus - Tiger Shark
  • Manufacturer: Art·Media·DESIGN