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Simple Painting on Rigid Support - Jan van Eyck - The Crucifixion; The Last Judgment

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Author: Jan van Eyck (Netherlandish, Maaseik ca. 1390-1441 Bruges) and Workshop Assistant
Date: 1440-41
Mediu: Oil on canvas, transferred from wood
 Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, wrote in 1435 that Van Eyck, his court painter, was unequalled in his "art and science". Modern critiques have praised Van Eyck for his ability to combine observations seemingly viewed through a microscope and a telescope. In The Crucifixion, he evokes a remarkable range of emotions among the crowds against a landscape depicting Jerusalem and western European architecture, and his portrayal of nature likely reflects firsthand experience of the Alps, gained on a diplomatic mission in 1426 to Italy and the Holy Lands. His vision appears no less acute in conveying palpable messages of inevitable judgment and hopeful salvation in The Last Judgment. The paintings were meant to be experienced simultaneously with the excerpts from Isaiah, Revelations, and Deuteronomy found on the original frames (on view here). – The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Category: Paintings
Label: Simple Painting on Rigid Support
Description: The Simple Paintings on Rigid Support consisting of a PVC board with two sides, with extruded polystyrene core, on which a self-adhesive sheet is applied. The print has a high resolution of 1440 dpi and is laminated using a matte, anti-reflective and anti-UV foil.
Thickness: 10 mm

Dimensions: 20x60 cm
Proportion: 3:1
Format: Panoramic / Portrait
Important: This product is composed of two works.
Note: The design of this article was used as a result of the facility offered by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This article is a reproduction.
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  • Model: Tablou Pe Suport Rigid Simplu - Jan van Eyck
  • Manufacturer: Art·Media·DESIGN