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Simple Painting on Rigid Support - Peleș Castle

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Author: Attila Szabó - Photographer
Review: PHOTOGRAPHY DRIVEN BY PASSION. Colours, emotions, speed, feelings… There is no greater feeling than capturing the morning light, the marvellous colours of nature, the speed of cars, the energy of movement conveyed into silence… – Official Website
I began to discover the beauty of photography step by step. After a few workshops I realised that I had to find a segment to study in depth and this is how I discovered photography in sports. 
 Attila Szabó – Photo Blog

Category: Paintings
Label: Simple Painting on Rigid Support
Description: The Simple Paintings on Rigid Support consisting of a PVC board with two sides, with extruded polystyrene core, on which a self-adhesive sheet is applied. The print has a high resolution of 1440 dpi and is laminated using a matte, anti-reflective and anti-UV foil.
Thickness: 10 mm
Print Dimensions: 45x30 cm, 60x40 cm, 90x60 cm, 120x80 cm, 150x100 cm, 180x120 cm, 305x203 cm
Proportion: 3:2
Format: Landscape
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  • Model: Tablou Pe Suport Rigid Simplu - Peleș Castle
  • Manufacturer: Attila Szabó