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Wall Calendar - Landscape - Photographic Landscapes

22.00 RON

Author: Vlad Dumitrescu - Photographer
I have discovered photography many years ago. Through my lens, I have managed to bring home a little of what I have experienced during my travels and to share with others what I have seen and felt. Gradually, I have become attracted to the Romanian village life. Firstly, I like village people and their traditions, which are fortunately, still preserved in some areas... I would like to think that my photos will maintain part of the charm of the traditional Romanian village. I am inviting you to join me in this wonderful world, to see the people, the lights and the old traditions. – Vlad Dumitrescu
Photography has quickly won me over through the emotions that it inspires in me, whenever I have the camera in my hands and a subject that I love. In my case, said emotions answer the question “why?” – interview with Andrei Baciu

Category: Prints
Label: Wall Calendar
Description: The wall calendar is digitally printed at high-resolution on DCL paper.
Specifications: Grammage - 150 g/m2  |  Material - DCL Paper  |  Back - Duplex Cardboard - 400 g/m2
Dimensions: A4 - 297 x 210 (mm)  |  A3 - 420 x 297 (mm)
Orientation: Landscape
Accessory: metal spiral and hook
Note: The design of this article is subject to copyright and has been used with the author's agreement.

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  • Model: Calendar De Perete - Landscape - Photographic Landscapes
  • Manufacturer: Vlad Dumitrescu